Chat reference and more

Chatstaff's primary service offering has always been chat reference, but like any group of experienced librarians our team also has many other skills to offer. Some of the more common requests are included below, but if there's something you need that's not listed here, please email us about it, and let us help you!

Looking for something about us that is simple to share with your colleagues? Try our Overview PDF.

Chat Reference

Our experienced librarians aim to give your patrons an experience as close to what they'd get from you as possible. We value feedback and encourage you to review transcripts via the LibraryH3lp dashboard.

Chatstaff can easily integrate with your local chat software, whether it be LibraryH3lp, LibChat, RefChatter, or another product.

Make & Maintain FAQs

A well-populated list of Frequently Asked Questions can be a real time saver for patrons, but takes time to create and maintain.

Whether you just want a list of common FAQ to get started, or an ongoing analysis of your chats for customized questions, we can help! We can also generate the answers for you, so you don't have to do anything.

Data Analysis Software

Do you want your chat data inserted into an in-house statistics module like LibAnalytics & DeskStats?

We can do that for you! We can do as much or as little processing as you want - just give us the metrics you use for evaluation and access to your system, and we can enter your chats on a daily or weekly basis.

As-Needed Staffing

Have a temporary vacancy or all-hands professional development workshop? We can help with short term chat and email reference coverage, as well as guide maintenance and even virtual instruction sessions.

No matter what chat software you use, Chatstaff can be available to handle your patrons the second you log off.

Website Maintenance

Do you have broken links on your site or in your guides, or urgent announcements of events that ended a year ago? It's easy to not notice such things when you have so much going on.

We can do a systematic review of your website to prepare for the start of the semester and make corrections or update content.

Custom Analytics

Marketing evaluations, funding requests, and even accreditation are all supported by good statisitical analysis, and fortunately chat reference can provide a wealth of detailed, documented information about usage.

Chatstaff can perform custom analysis of keywords, origin points, overall patterns, etc. for you, and provide you with tables and graphs formatted to fit your needs.

LibraryH3lp™ is a product of Nub Games, Inc.    RefChatter™ and DeskStats™ are products of Altarama.   LibChat™, LibAnswers™, LibGuides™, and LibAnalytics™ are products of SpringShare®.
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