Your resources are available all day and all night – now you can offer your patrons help whenever and wherever they want to use the library. Chatstaff offers 24×7, after-hours, and true backup options, and is happy to work with you to find the options that best fit your needs and your budget. We primarily work with LibraryH3lp platform but we can integrate with whatever software you use.


Help Your Patrons Make the Most of Your Library.


Fast responses

Tired of 2 minute wait times? Today’s online patrons don’t want to wait for a response, and often leave if the wait seems too long. That’s why Chatstaff is careful to keep staffing levels high enough to maintain an average wait time of less than 12 seconds.


Quality service

Frustrated with answers that leave your patrons confused and your resources unused? Chatstaff’s experienced team of ALA-accredited librarians is used to working within client libraries’ resources, letting us focus help on the collections you’ve paid for.


Flexible options

Sick of paying for services that don’t quite match your needs, or which your patrons don’t use? Our mix-and-match approach lets you pick whatever schedule you want, and our prices are based on traffic. Want help with analytics or FAQ maintenance? We can do that too!