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Chatstaff's primary service offering has always been virtual reference, but like any group of experienced librarians our team has many more skills to offer as well. Some of the more common requests are mentioned below, but if there's something you need that's not listed here, we encourage you to email us about it.

Virtual reference: When you contract with Chatstaff for vitual reference, you're getting a team of experienced librarians with ALA-accredited degrees and a focus on quality. Our goal is to give your patrons an experience as close to what they'd get from you as possible, so if there's ever anything in any transcript that you're unhappy with, just tell us and we will find a way to fix it! We can easily integrate with whatever local system you use for chat, be it LibraryH3lp, LibChat/LibAnswers, RefChatter, or something else.

Backup coverage: Because Chatstaff's partnership with LibraryH3lp allows us to offer automatic, seamless backup options, you don't have to choose between local expertise and constant availability. If you use LibChat or some other system locally, it's still entirely possible to have Chatstaff as backup - the only difference is that you need to be actually logged off for us to be available.

Data ingestion: Several of our customers want their chat data entered into LibAnalytics, DeskStats, or some other statistics module, and we can help with that! Just give us the metric you want used for evaluation, and access to your system, and we can get your chats entered on a daily basis.

FAQ creation/maintenance: A well-populated list of Frequently Asked Questions can be a real time saver, but for many libraries it falls into the category of "I don't have time in the short run to do things that will save time in the long run!" Creating a FAQ often involves brainstorming possible questions, and trying to remember what's been asked at the desk. Maintenance is theoretically easy, but when new questions need to be added it's usually because the reference desk is being flooded with them. Chatstaff can help with both stages by first starting with a list of questions that are pretty universally asked, then regularly reviewing transcripts of chats with your patrons for new potential entries.

Custom analytics: There probably aren't many libarians who went into the field because they love statistics, but numbers and analysis are frequently needed to prove that the library deserves its funding. Chat reference can provide a wealth of documented information about usage, and Chatstaff is used to working with that information. LibraryH3lp can provide scheduled automated reports of chat statistics, but Chatstaff can also perform custom analysis of keywords, origin points, overall patterns, etc., with tables and graphs formatted to fit your needs.

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