Scheduling options

We believe that local librarians will always be more familiar with local needs and resources - that's just common sense. However, sometimes patrons need help with library resources after the library is closed for the day, or while all librarians are busy with other duties. That's when Chatstaff can step in to help.

Just tell us when you need us, and we'll be there for you and your patrons.

Q: Can we just have you cover the service 24x7, so we can focus on other things?
A: Absolutely! We're happy to cover as many or as few hours as you need.

Q: Can we have different schedules for different days of the week, and for different parts of the year?
A: Definitely! Lots of clients take advantage of our ability to do this. Most libraries have different hours on weekends than on weekdays, and many close earlier on Friday. Academic libraies also frequently want different coverage between semesters and during breaks.

Q: Can we have have you on as backup even when we'd normally be staffing?
A: Of course! If you use LibraryH3lp or RefChatter locally we can even set it up so that chats roll over to us whenever you're too busy, not just when you're offline. Even if you use LibChat or some other service locally, it's easy to set things up so that Chatstaff is automatically available whenever no-one is logged in to your local service.

Q: Can we have 24-hour coverage on some holidays, and no coverage on others?
A: Easy-peasy! We can also set it up so that you get your normally scheduled coverage on any given federal holiday, if its one that's not observed locally.

Q: Can we save money by not having staffing on days/hours we're not likely to get much traffic anyway?
A: Yes, but probably not as much as you might think. Our prices are based on the amount of time we spend with your patrons, so a day with little or no traffic costs you little or no money, ergo not covering it saves very little.

Q: Can we get emergency coverage if the library is closed due to weather or other unexpected event?
A: Sure thing! We can actually be online within minutes of you telling us we're needed, though if it's less than 24 hours away phone is better than email. Because we charge by contact hour there is no special charge for this service - any hours used are just rolled in with the rest. The same is true for one-day planned events, like retreats.

Q: What if we're not sure which after-hours would be best?
A: No problem! Based on our knowledge of traffic patterns we can give you a pretty good estimate of where the traffic's likely to fall, and if there's a specific budget you're aiming for we can work out a sample schedule that'll get you the most coverage possible within it.

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